Thursday, April 03, 2014

What A Team (We Continue To Be)

Alone at the top! To start with a loss against a division opponent while two others are playing each other and the Yanks are playing Houston and to end that first series alone in first place is nearly impossible. But the Rays and Jays split four, the Yanks shat the bed, and we won the next two. So we go into the home opener in first place by ourselves.

Great job by everybody tonight. Xanadu is on fire. Papi is still Papi to no one's surprise. Same with Koji. (Though after tonight's game TC said that lots of people thought "everything was wrong" with Papi two days ago and that it was good to see Koji get some good performances in early to make sure last year "wasn't a dream.") And Jackie and Brooksie were key too. The pitching's been great, the hitting's been coming from all angles, everything is coming up Millhouse so far in 2014. We really could be 3-0 right now but we'll take 2-1 in first alone, a fact I continue to bring up well into paragraph two.

Bonus: I'd been waiting for the O's to bring that pitcher named Meek into a game with men on base. So I could say "the Meek inherited the runner." Which I did, I assure you.

Opening Day info here. Yes, I'll be there! I never miss a ring ceremony. (If you're looking to get in and still don't have a ticket, keep checking, I see they're showing loge seats available right now, but if you try to get them it says they're down for scheduled maintenance. So keep trying tonight and then in the morning. Looks like they're preparing to e-dump.)

Fenway improvements here. I'm curious about this new area out "above the bleachers" in right field. I guess it extends off the RF roof? Will see it tomorrow. And I gotta try that portobello mushroom sandwich. Actually I don't because it probably costs 12 bucks.

Almost forgot, we'll be the first road fans to sink teeth into Ryan Braun post suspension-return.
How could you not try "food inspired by NESNs on air personalities" the mind boggles....

Mark UK
TC is full of shit.

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