Saturday, April 26, 2014


Just had to sweat out the 8th and especially 9th following on stupid GameDay. White-knuckle time as the Jays ended up with first and second, two out, bottom 9, down a run. All this after a dong off Koji to lead off the inning and cut it to one. But I got the coveted "in play, out(s)" and we hang on my the epidermis of our cuspids.

I saw the beginning of the game (Don's behind the scenes videos have gotten so bad that he's actually filming them upside-down unknowingly--but I do love Remy's disdain of them), which saw the Blue Jays starter taken out with a no-hitter going. He'd given up 8 walks over 2 and a third though. He left with the bases loaded and a 3-1 lead, when AJ took the reliever deep for a grand dong. My man man Middle Mrooks followed with a thatched roof of his own to make it 6-3. It went 7-3, and I thought we were home free as I left TV land, but I got to a computer to see Tazawa screwing the poached eggs completely. Capuano had to rescue him, and Koji had to come in early to rescue him.

Final: Bostonians 7, Torontonians 6.

Yanks won so we stay 2.5 out of first, but jump the Jays into third. Best road record in the Al East! As I type, only three teams in the American League have more wins than we do. But only one has more losses. Weird.

Yeah, got a little excited with that tied for second comment. Still a good day!

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