Saturday, April 05, 2014


Had a great time at the home opener, with the rings and the flags and the Pedros and what have you. Too bad we lost. At least Teixeira got hurt. Will post pictures soon. I know it's a 2014y world where you want stuff NOW but I like to take my time and do it slow, you know, much like Salt 'n' Pepa in their 1990 hit "Do You Want Me."

In the meantime, I'll do that staple of 2005, which used to actually work on you because hardly anybody was posting cell phone pics to the web, the "tease," which in this case is a video from today which has nothing to do with your World Champions. Let's all take a moment to acknowledge an underrated Fenway character, "that vendor who carries a case of water on her head."

The vocal portion of her sales pitch always reminds me of someone calling their cat. Named Wawda.

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