Friday, April 25, 2014

The Lineup We Know

Except Middlebrooks is down too low. But he'll move up eventually.

So we destroyed the burly one tonight. He'd been pitching lights-out, heat-down-to-62 this season, too. Everybody hit for us in the 8-1 win, but especially the bottom three of my boy, JBJ, and AJ. Peavy was great for us in the non-batting department. Pretty soon these other teams in our division will be wishing they'd pulled way ahead of us while they had the chance!

Yanks lost 13-1 tonight. I had the 5th inning on the radio while the Sox were in commercial, and it was "Post Time," where they had a guy in the booth from the NY Post. Until last year it had been a Daily News thing. Anyway, it's this guy's first time in the booth, and the first thing that happens is a Pujols mega-dong. I could just feel Sterl and Wald getting mad, like it was his fault. But they didn't say anything. At least not before I turned back to our game. By the way, terrible job by Suzyn with her "the Red Sox started WWIII" on the pine tar thing, while the rest of the world agreed that the Yanks were embarrassed and the Sox did exactly the right thing.

Speaking of terrible jobs, I heard on the Sox broadcast the night before against the Yankees some ad copy, read by O'Brien, that went something like, "Like the Red Sox and Yankees, the Hebrew Home in New York has a rich history of bla bla bla." So lemme get this straight: The Red Sox are advertising for a place to send your grandma that's in New York, and they're selling it to their fans by comparing it to the Yankees. (And Red Sox.) Terrible job. In both comparing our team to our opposite and rival, and in trying to get Red Sox fans to move to a place in New York. And I'm a Red Sox fan who thinks you SHOULD move to New York because it's awesome! But if I were the team I sure wouldn't be allowing advertisers like that.

Plus, the nO's and Nays lost, meaning we gained game on everyone to move into fourth place. A win today and Balty loss means tied for second. Patience.
Yeah I looked at the standings and saw we moved out of last, and was surprised at which team we passed. Thought it would be the Jays. But we can pass them if we hold on today. 7-4 us in the 8th.

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