Monday, April 07, 2014

Sox, Wife Both Win

Kim got to go on the warning track before tonight's game with her uncle (who knows someone who knows someone...) and meet Jackie Bradley, Jr. Said he was incredibly humble and nice. Got his autograph on a ball along with Xander! Bradley went on to be the star of tonight's game, making some fine plays in the field and hitting two ribbie singles. Then on his bunt that the Rangers didn't know what to do with, she was clearly shown jumping and clapping in the bleachers! Nice night for Kim and the Sox, who broke a three-game losing streak.

Lackey gave up 0 earned runs in 7 innings. The game was much closer than the 5-1 score. Up 2-1 in the 8th, Farrell went with Capuano instead of Tazawa, and the leadoff man singled, and it would have been a double had Nava not played the carom perfectly. But a lineout and a DP later, we were three outs away from victory, and we tacked on three in the 8th to make it easier for Koji.

Glad to be out of the weird free-swingin' National League Brewers zone. Top four teams in the AL East within one game. Sox a game out of first.

Jackie was also on her ticket. And according to the box of the David Ortiz bobblehead she got, there will be a Pedro bobblehead game on September 9th.

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