Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sox Lose, Yanks Lose, Jeter Old, Slow, Uncaring

We were getting destroyed tonight, until two late rallies gave us hope and made it somewhat respectable. 10-7 LOSS. So we're tied for last place. But the good news is we're 1.5 out of first. And no team in the division is more than a half-game over .500.

Yanks got truly destroyed today, 14-5. I imagine the conversation regarding the choice of which player to picture along with the game story on going something like this:

"Okay guys, Yanks crapped the bed today, but we need a guy for the front page. Anybody homer today?"

"Yup, one by Soriano, one by Johnson."

"Hmmm, what else?"

"Solarte had 2 doubles, went 2 for 4, Ellsbury was 3 for 4 and also doubled...Beltran doubled too...."

"Just not doin' it for me..."

"Gardner knocked in a run....uhhh...Roberts 1 for 3..."

"What about Jeter?"

"1 for 4, no runs, no ribbies."

"That's our man!!!!!"

In fairness, it shows Jeter in a moment of frustration, but if you want to show a symbol of frustration, how about one of the two pitchers who gave up 7 runs?

Or maybe it was's wink to us, acknowledging that Jeter didn't hustle "for the first time in his life" for the second day in a row! He also looked like your great-grandpa on what should have been a double play grounder.

It's so funny, the FAN callers with the excuses. (This was about Monday's loafing, I know it's tough keeping track.) Guy calls up and basically says that a career of hustling means you're allowed to not hustle. Fortunately Francesa has a brain sometimes and told the guy exactly what I always say, that if everybody's gonna treat the guy like a god because he hustles all the time, then you can't just let it go when he doesn't.

Tanaka makes his home debut Wednesday night, while the Sox play at 4:05. Both matches are made of rubber.

Terrible job by Don tonight. On a shot of the Big Concourse in right field, he mentions the "wide concourse in center field." Yeah I know CF is next to RF but this walking shot started about even with the right field foul pole. He also emphasized "wide" almost as if to say this was some new concourse you need to go check out, despite that it's ten years old now and was well publicized when it was new. Take a walk around the park, Don, just once!


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