Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rotary 4, Village Bank 2, 14 Inn.

Red Sox beat White Sox in 5-hour Little League-ish affair. We scored in the first, then didn't have another hit until the 9th. We trailed 3-1 after 7, but sac flies in the 8th and 9th (aided by about a hundred walks) tied it. Then we scored a run in the 11th and were one strike away from victory, but Mujica gave up a game-tying single. We got the first two guys on base in the next inning, but couldn't score. In the 14th, the White Sox basically forfeited, putting in a position player to pitch. But incredibly, our first two hitters made outs. Finally we realized we should just stand there. Two walks later, Jackie Bradley was up. The White Sox manager had come out and basically told the poor guy on the mound not to walk anyone else, using the "just throw it slow" method. So you knew Jackie was either gonna get a walk, or a pitch that even the mom from Alf could hit. He got the latter, and drilled it down the line for a two-run double. Chicago had the tying run up in the bottom of the 14th, but we held on for the 4-2 win, one that we really needed.

Speaking of Chicago teams that can't do much of anything, the goddamn Cubs couldn't score in either game against the Yanks today. Terrible job.

Wow it really WAS late....
Mom- here: I fell asleep in the 10th. Charlie taped a piece of paper on the cupboad over the coffee pot so it was the first thing I'd see: SOX WIN, 6-4 IN 14TH. Then I read your blog and I thought, Isn't that sweet? Charlie watched the whole game so he could tell me what happened first thing in the morning but he got the score wrong. So thank you, Richard Miller, for the clarification. Anyway, isn't that...uh...sweet that Jere got the score wrong for the first time in his entire life.
Maybe Jere will ease up on those NESN clowns. Actually, I hope not.

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