Monday, April 28, 2014

Hollywood Errors Club Introduces New Member

Finally watched Dallas Buyers Club tonight. My review? They use that disclaimer with the word "fictitious" spelled "ficticious"! Or at least they cut/pasted part of it into their "true but not really" version of it. You may remember I talked about this before. Add DBC to "the list."

Red Sox lose in Toronto. I had something I needed to do at 1:30. Heard us take a 1-0 lead. Got back to car around 3:30...only to hear "kleballer R.A. Dickey gets the win...." What? How is the game even over already! Well, it was. A 2:20 game. So I didn't even get to use my rooting powers to will us to victory.

Then I missed the Yanks tonight because, as noted earlier, we were watching a movie. Checked and saw the bastids won by one. Went to play-by-play to do that thing where you get to see one by one the balks and errors the Yanks "rallied" with. (It's a fun game and it's true about 80 percent of the time, try it!) In tonight's case, it was bottom 8, tied, and I start scrolling down....



passed ball

hit by pitch which was challenged and went as a wild pitch with the run scoring

And as a bonus, the guy then hit the batter anyway. Believable. Rhode Islander Chris Iannetta seemed to be the real culprit.

With the score tied at 2 in the bottom of the eighth, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran walked against Michael Kohn, putting runners on first and second with one out. And suddenly Chris Iannetta had a hard time catching pitches from lefty Nick Maronde.

Iannetta dropped a fastball right down the middle for a passed ball that allowed both runners to advance, dropped a foul tip that would've gone for strike three against Brian McCann, then couldn't keep a pitch in the dirt in front of him, giving the Yankees (15-10) their first lead of the game.

See that 15-10? Same record the Yanks had last year after 25 games. Maybe Girardi can win the "first half manager of the year award" again!

Stat of the something: Every team in the AL East has an "expected W-L" record below .500 right now.


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