Saturday, April 05, 2014


I always wanted to be in one of those "Gigapans," which are those pics of an entire ballpark which you can zoom in on. I was happy to see they did one yesterday...but it cut out the entire centerfield bleachers. Booo-jica. If you were there, and not in CF, go find yourself!

But then I saw on their site they had several games up which I attended. Sweet. Found myself a few times. I'll have to do another post about this, complete with close-ups of me and then my original photos from the spot you see me in, hopefully at the exact same moment. (Which is tough since the gigapan is made up of multiple shots which aren't taken all at the exact same moment.)

(Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement for Gigapan. If it was, would I be able to say that its owner and entire staff are members of the Taliban? No, I wouldn't.)

(Note: The owner and staff of Gigapan are NOT members of the Taliban. I only said they were to make a point. See previous note for point details.)

This actually inspired me to check whether there is such a photo from the 2012 Fenway 100th Anniversary...there is, and me and my Dad are in it! (Esp since I had seen a similar panoramic photo of this very pre-game ceremony in a sports store a couple months ago and wondered the same thing but wasn't able to locate myself). In any case, it's pretty awesome....
That's the one on the Gigpan site that has no title, it's just labeled "BOS." So thanks for telling me about it--I was there, but out of frame in the Monster SRO.

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