Wednesday, April 02, 2014

First Win O' 2014

In months like February, sometimes I forget how much excitement a win in months like April can create. Papi's mega-dong put us up 2-0, only to have Needlin' Nelson tie it with a dong of his own. But Napoli's usual centerfield powerdong made it 4-2, and his two-run single sent my living room into a frenzy. 6-2 was your final. We're 1-1, a half game up on the Yanks, who trail 2-0 in Houston as I write.

Before that game, the Astros honored Derek Jeter by kicking his bloop-singling ass into outer space with a cowboy boot, never to be heard from again. (This sentence is the first in a season-long series on how these spineless teams should be treating the Mediocre-est Blooperstar on his last trip to each of their cities.)

MFY down 3-1, and Beltran doubles to start the 8th. No problem, as old friend Matt Albers strikes out McCann, Teixeira, and Soriano!
Tom Caron in pre-game tonight: "The Red Sox look to shake off a 6-1 Opening Day loss." ??????

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