Wednesday, April 30, 2014


After a lifetime of trying, I got a game ball tonight. Here it is with a batting practice ball I got before the game. You can really see the difference between the clean BP and the rubbed-up gamer. Details to come!

In similarly awesome news, the Red Sox won the game, and the Yanks lost, with Cano deliciously doing some of the damage. (Didja hear the one about the Yankee fan who got offended by a player leaving a team to go to another one because they were offered more money...)

The irony of your comment about Cano considering your comments about Ellsbury in recent times haven't been lost...
Cano went to Seattle, not Boston.
Also, the Red Sox have not thrown mega-gobs of money at free agents for decades.
Both players went to where they got the best offer, as is not only their right but to be expected when it is their job and they have to look to do the best for their family. To us as fans the likes of the Yankees are the enemy and to be hated of course, but to players no matter how much they love (or don't) a location this is their livelihood and it is simply wrong for any fan to think players should put their family second to sporting choices.

I don't like seeing any of our ex-players in pinstripes any more than you do, but it is wrong to somehow make out these players have betrayed us when they owe us nothing compared to what they owe their own family.

As to the argument of they get paid enormous sums so surely they could take a few less million to stay with us there are two issues. One, most of the time (particularly with our offers) the offers are for less years and players know they may not be able to get another deal after the current one so they would be cutting their playing career short. Second, who are we to tell anyone they should take less money, be it for what we perceive as astronomical amounts or be it for a daily wage ? Unacceptable for any of us to dictate to others what they should take when it is on offer.
Mom here: Never mind about any of the above. Having witnessed the blur of a baseball flying by me and then watching you snag it as if grabbing a humming bird out of the air, and then everyone around pounding you on the back along with other congratulatory gestures and words, was really a thrill. A lot of fun, last night, even though I still haven't thawed out.
ps. anyone out there who is a chocolate chip cookie aficianado, order them at Remy's they come right out of the oven with creme anglais dipping sauce (a totally unnecessary gilding of the lily), and you will think you died and went to heaven. You get EIGHT COOKIES!!! Two for you, two for your spouse, date,or buddy, and four to bring to Jere in the front row of the bleachers where he is trying to catch a ball during batting practice rather than indulging in the mundane (like eating).
Rich G: Just wanted to let you know I agree with what you say about money and players deciding where to work.

And after some thought on the subject, I find the maligning of ex-Sox who end up in New York to be a bit childish. Damon is and always will be one of The 25 - and if I once thought it was okay to boo him, well, I was wrong and have changed my tune. (I know Jere disagrees strongly.) Ellsbury? He helped us win 2 more titles (!!!) so I don't much care where he plays.

It would have bothered me greatly to see either Pedro or Ortiz in pinstripes, but I would not have thought it was some moral failing of them. I would have simply been extremely sad.

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