Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don't Hem And Haw, Kate

Shortly after seeing a Mini with the license plate "MINOSO" (I swear), I saw another car with the plate "HAWK 8." They were going slow on the highway and I was seconds from passing them when I noticed it, so I didn't have much time to process what it meant, but in that short time I went from

"that guy must like hawks a lot"


"I bet this is some old guy known as 'The Hawk' whose favorite number is 8 or just wanted the lowest-numbered 'Hawk' plate"


"maybe he's a Hawk Harrelson fan, I wonder if he ever wore 8 when he played...."


"holy shit this guy has an Andre Dawson license plate!"

Now I was just about even with him, but of course it's hard to communicate with another driver, especially at night, which it was, that you understand the reference you're making with your plate, short of rolling down the window and yelling that sentence, which really wasn't an option here.

But there was a split-second left, and my mind was still frantically trying to come up with a way of letting this person know I knew. Luckily, Andre Dawson is one of the few people in the world who comes with his own salute! It hit me in time, and as I passed, I did the "we're not worthy" arm-motion as quickly and as safely as I could.

As I said, it was night. I couldn't even tell if they saw me do it. But if you've got a plate like that you'd better be looking for people who get your reference. Hopefully I gave them a laugh.

Sox go for the sweep in Toronto at 1:07. Lester goes against Cockey, who's been a walk machine this year. And who Middlebrooks hit two homers off of in a game on his way to a three-dong night. Or day.

Note: Second time I've linked to that same Wayne's World clip in the last few weeks! Excellent.

I should note that both cars referenced here had Rhode Island plates.

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