Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Dead Last

Yanks lose to worst team again! Kuroda actually settled down after giving up a first-inning dong, but the 'stros led all the way and won 3-1. It's tough when almost every guy in your batting order is either a "who?" or a "he's still playing?"--but hey, the Yanks always do what it takes to win, except when they don't. Had one guy gotten on base in the ninth, Ellsbury could have ended both games. But we can't have everything.


Toronto: apparently 2-1, maybe this is their year!
Us: a solid 1-1, a full game up on the Yanks with 160 to play
O's: 1-1, on pace for 81-81
Rays: a not-quite-Yankee-like 1-2
Yanks: 0-2*

*both losses vs. Houston Astros**

**Houston Astros!

Houston?!? They have a problem!


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