Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All That Dunbar-ian Stuff Again

Lester gave up some hard hit balls tonight. Still, for every one of those there was a Yankee-ish hit or a ball doinking off somebody's glove. We almost came back from the 4-0 def., with Papi and Nap hitting bombs off the new guy, and then the tying run coming up. But it didn't happen, and then they scored like a million more runs.

I see Jeter did what he always does with a new teammate: teach him how to make regular look like extra-large. Polpotsbury made a "diving" (wink wink) catch early on. And then in similar Jeter-ish fashion, he hit a triple that was more like a double and a double that was more like a single. No broken legs though. We'll have to fix that tomorrow. I hear the anesthesia truck just might have an unfortunate delay on the highway too.

So I'd do yet another post about the disconnect between fans and media and how the media just... can't... seem... to get it through their heads that Red Sox fans don't care for the Yankees. (They happen to be our rival.) And when a player goes from...oh forget it, they're never gonna figure out this simple formula. I've written about it so many times before, I'm done. Good to see so many signs in the stands from people who get it. Which I'm pretty sure is everybody who isn't in the media.

And for the love of Gedman, please don't say "how can you blame...". If that's how your feel, your emotions don't have to end there. I'm not saying people don't have the right to be total dicks who essentially admit that money is more important than winning and loyalty. But for fuck's sake, when they do, we all have the right to be totally pissed about it. I've never heard one person say, "Hey, the twin towers were standing right there out in the open with no forcefield around them," and then end their opinion of the terrorists there.

And then there are the "I was never attached to him anyway" faction. And to them I say, Well you were halfway to hating the guy already, now it's time to let loose! Join us!

Oh, did I say "loyalty"? Surely there's someone out there laughing at my simple little innocent mind, ready to tell me how there's no loyalty, repeat the Seinfeld laundry joke and act like they thought of it, and tell me that every player is in it for the money, and they don't care about me a la Mickey Mantle in A Bronx Tale. And to that I say, every time you say that, you insult all the players who do give a fuck, and actually don't put money above everything else in life. (And also, please don't tell me that "any one of us" would do the same thing. Go ahead, e-mail me your offers of how much money you'd give me to clean John Sterling's toilet, see what happens.)

And then there are the "I never grow attached to players" defense mechanism crowd. Again, you can't have it both-ass ways. You can't tell me it means nothing to you and then have a tear in your eye when Pedro or somebody awesome like that comes out holding the trophy or Yaz raises the flag or whatever. Am I gonna have to nudge you and say, "not so faaast...remember, you have no emotional attachment to athletes"?

Of course you could just be putting on a show to make it appear you're not upset, feeling like the other side "wins" when you do that. If that's how you proverbially roll, fine, just gimme a wink so I know that's what you're up to.

Tomorrow I vote we kick Pineda's ass and stop fucking around.

Nothing wrong with appreciating all he did for the Sox those 5-7 years. And nothing wrong with being pissed that he took the money and left. When he hired Boris to 'represent' him, that was the sign of what he cared most about. His choice that. And ours to have different values. I'll take Pedroia over Clemens, Damon, Youklis and Ellsbury every time.
Yeah. And by the way I fully appreciated all these guys WHILE they were on my team and went out of my way to show them. Only to be shit on for my troubles.
Don't take it personally. It's about greed being the holy grail. Just how many millions does one person need, whether he is in sports or business? Ellsbury's a decent guy, but don't expect me to believe he went to the Yanks because he wanted to win. It was about the money.
I usually distinguish between the guys who had some kind of offer from the Sox and turned it down for a payday and those who didn't (kind of hard to hold anything against Mike Meyers or Derek Lowe). Even if it seems like the Sox didn't pursue someone, in the case of someone like Ellsbury it's lame to exploit that fact that someone will overpay you. It's also kind of amusing how Fenway crowds are always on the money with distinctions like this, and the sports media rarely gets it...

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