Monday, April 21, 2014


We went down 6-0 early. Made our way back into it, but when it got to be 6-4, we gave up a run we shouldn't have. Double play ball, Pedroia gives X a bad feed, but still, he had time to set himself and throw to first, but the throw went wild. Then Jackie Bradley goes back on a ball slowly instead of getting back there fast and getting into position to throw, guy tags and gets to second. Then a single, and Bradley's throw would have beaten the runner, but it's nowhere near home plate, O's get a gift run.

I was pissed. We might need that run. As it turns out, we lose by one, ending the game with runners on second and third.

tl;dr: fuckity goddamn fucking fuck, what another great win that would have and should have been

Side note: There was a fan who missed a really easy bloop foul ball. Got booed, naturally. They kept showing him reacting, head in hands. Finally they go and interview him in the stands, and he's a really good sport about it, jokingly saying how it was a "hard liner" and how the sun was in his eyes even though he was in shade. Terribly, Don and Remy somehow miss the fact that he was joking, mocking him for making excuses. Remy went on to talk about why it's important not to make excuses in post-game interviews. Great job by the fan, bad job by the announcers.

"bad job by the announcers" - I trust you have this in a macro. Save yourself a few seconds of typing every night. It adds up.
Mom here: Napoli should have walked after the first four pitches in the 9th, all balls. Stupid umpire.

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