Thursday, March 13, 2014


It just hit me like a Tobby Squobby. (Ton Of Bricks = TOB = Tobby = oh forget it...) You know how all the fans in the back of the Fenway grandstand (standing room and the last few rows of seats) can't see the center field videoboard because of the overhang? And you know how all of these people CAN see the TVs that are up on the poles that show the game? Why not use these TVs as a "scoreboard feed" for things like ceremonies and whatnot? Every once in a while I'm in the standing room and all of a sudden everybody's clapping and I have no idea why, because they're reacting to something on the board. For the 100th anniversary game, I was in the Monster SRO and couldn't see the board, which I later found out had players names up there. (Nobody was announcing them over the PA.) Basically, any spot that can't see the board should have a monitor in view. (I've also wondered for years why there isn't a board facing the thousands of fans who have it behind them, aka "the bleachers.")

Play around with this, front office.

P.S. Yes I realize that during a ceremony those TVs probably have NESN on and you could just look at that feed, but the small captions on a TV aren't even readable. And yes I realize you should be looking at the field anyway, but I'm just talking about using those TVs as a supplement to what you're watching on the field, the same way the CF board is a supplement. To what. You're wat. Ching. And there are other things--like how they show the results of the 50-50 raffle up there, and some of the between-inning stuff that isn't commercials. Like trivia and wacky bloopers.


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