Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Thing About The Kids

Am I reading too much into the fact that the Jimmy Fund made Will Middlebrooks their 2014 captain, only to later add David Ross as a co-captain? I don't wanna lose Middlebrooks. Please save Middlebrooks. Don't trade Middlebrooooookssss.....!!!!

I see on they've "fixed" the batting average leaders chart. Instead of only showing Jackie Bradley as the "top 3," despite that he was never in the top three, they now show three players. But those three are actually #19, #23, and #26 in batting average. How hard would it be to just make this not be horribly inaccurate?

I guess these old baseball postcards are worth quite a bit. But it's funny how they spelled Yaz' name. It was almost like they told the person who scribbles the names,* "Okay this is a tough one, I'm gonna sound it out for you so you can't fuck it up: Yas-tra-zemski." And of course they ended up with "Yastrazemski."

*Odd how some of the "autographs" are just the names written in cursive, which we used to call script, and which apparently isn't taught in schools anymore.


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