Monday, March 10, 2014

Something New And Something Same-Old Same-Old

Nebrasketball is back! Though it was never really there.... A court-storming win in Lincoln over a top-ten team. This new gym has really made a difference. It'll be weird watching the NCAA tourney this year knowing my team is actually in it for a change.

Nice job by HH today facing the minimum over three innings. When doing my usual search to see which news outlets still can't spell "Buchholz," I came across one guy who wrote:

Admit it, though. You know it's spring training and the games don't matter, yet you're starting to get a little nervous.

Wow, I was wondering what that unbearable feeling of dread and doom in my stomach was.... Of course! It's my nervousness over the world champion Boston Red Sox on March fucking 9th! Who hires these people? This particular writer claims to be a fan of the team for 50 years, so I guess it's another dinosaur who will never stop worrying no matter how many championship banners go up the pole. (He's also the type of person who writes things like "Patriot's." I mean take a look at the goddamn logo if you're confused as to whether your team's name has an inexplicable apostrophe in it.)

Figured I'd check out some of the guy's old articles, and I see after two games he wrote:

Thank goodness it's spring or Red Sox Nation would be in panic mode.

I think it's safe to day after three titles in ten years that this shit is never going to end. I wish the guy would say something like "Thank goodness it's spring or Red Sox Nation would be told by the ratings-hungry media members who cover their team that they're in panic mode." That I could get behind. I'm not going to link to the guy's stuff, but I'll tell you his last name is Snowdon. And it's time for him to get deported.

Here's another shitty thing: You know how on the schedule page at, each date shows what network the game is on, and on each completed game you can click the score to see a full box score and other game info? Why the balls can't they do that for the March games? I know I can find this info elsewhere on the site, but it would be nice if they'd just do it like they do with the regular season games. Especially since a lot of the games aren't on TV--we need to know if we're going to be seeing one or not.

And I should mention that the Panic guy was saying "no" to his own "should we be worried" question, but come on, he brought it up himself, AND told ME that I was nervous and that I needed to admit it. For that, F him.
And yes I know the other guy is Snowden with an E.

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