Saturday, March 01, 2014

Pohnny Football

The reason I hate Johnny Manziel is that he's a big Jeter fan and even wears #2 (like any scat-muncher would) because of the calm-eyed god. Yet he shows up in Red Sox camp wearing a #2 Red Sox jersey! I understand there's some kind of marketing connection there, but still, what sense does it make to wear your idol's jersey number on said idol's rival team's jersey? What a phony. I hate him the same and/or more now.

Also, you'd think the media would mention his well-known Jeter idolizing when reporting the guy wearing a Red Sox jersey.

Sad to say, but awesome pitching prospect Anthony Ranaudo's favourite player is Jeter.
Matt Barnes, from my neck of the woods, grew up a Yankee fan so I assume he loves Jeter too.

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