Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Off The 8s

Check out Napoli's megablast from yesterday in the green uni. The pitcher's reaction is pretty funny.

Tuesday at 1 we play the Yanks on ESPN.

I like that the Yanks are on the FAN now. Because if I'm in the car, and there's no Red Sox game, and no Yanks game, but there's a Mets game on, in the past it meant I couldn't listen to the FAN. (No offense to the Mets' Seinfeld-referencing announcers, I just don't have interest in listening to games that don't mean anything to the Red Sox or Yankees.) Now if there's a ballgame on the FAN instead of sports talk, at least it will be one I'm interested in. Does that make sense? It also means when I want the news or weather or traffic, I can go to WCBS 880 knowing they won't be in the middle of four hours of non-news.

You may be wondering why I go to a New York station for traffic and weather when I live in Providence. Well besides news, I mainly tune in for the weather. It's pretty much the same as Providence--just subtract 3 or 4 degrees and wait a few hours longer for storms to arrive. As for traffic, I just meant when I'm driving to/from/in the NY area, which is kinda often.


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