Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Help

The end of tonight's Texas-ASU game made me wonder how the following scenario would be ruled: You're down one point, guy throws up a shot a tenth of a second before the buzzer. Shot is clearly off in time. On the way up, the ball is tipped by a defender--this tip takes place just AFTER the buzzer sounds. Ball then goes through hoop for the game-winning deuce. Does it count? If a player touches the ball post-buzzer, shouldn't the game end right there? The whole premise of allowing a shot to count after the buzzer is that it was "in the air" before the buzzer, right? So doesn't it not start being "in the air" until the last player, on whichever team, stops touching it?

Hey Jere: Forgot to mention to you that I got "The Twilight Zone" on Me-TV not long ago, as they finally dropped that stupid infomercial block at 10 PM. I was amazed at the quality of the film in their TZ episodes (far superior to SyFy), and they almost appear to be uncut. The Syfy Channel's TZ episodes are incredibly butchered, and I don't DVR them any more. I also like that they show the old CBS logo at the end of the Me-TV shows, and the Twilight Zone logo in the bumpers as they go to commercials. It's almost like watching brand new episodes. Go Sox.
Yeah I remember a scene in one them that I feel like I'd never seen before. And it was an ep I had seen a thousand times! Love the MeTV version, glad you finally get to see it.
Since we're speaking off topic, what the hell is this?

Mom here: I am so glad daddybcat got in his comment as to Jeter ranking #11 in the top 50 leaders poll at money.cnn. It was too wonderful in contrast to the racist maniacs who commented about how glad they were to see that Obama didn't make the list. Who or what is Jeter leading?

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