Monday, March 31, 2014

Holy Shit You Guys

After months of waiting and waiting the Orioles finally released some Opening Day seats to the public on the morning of the game. Meaning this morning. I'm in!  Sox-O's, 3 pm, look for me...

Hope you're in Section 36!

Awesome! I looked but did not see.....nice job by Grady!

Kim (Dewey & Co.)
Going Wed.
Not in 36, but Brian talked about how he got seats for an O's game later in the year in section 38....

Kim--I was on, but you'd have to know where to look.... had a great spot along the rail right next to the RF foul pole.

Richard--that sounds like a much easier proposition than my opening day ticket-obtaining experience....;)
I'm in Baltimore now. Going tonight. Maybe some of those fly balls will get out tonight.

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