Saturday, March 15, 2014

He'll Always Be Double-C To Some

Everybody keeps wondering about the health of Clay Buchholz. Will he ever bla bla bla..... I think the more interesting question is, When will the major Boston sports media outlets finally learn how to spell his name?

From today's Herald:

Its been almost a decade since we drafted this guy. What's the trouble here? It's not like "oh I grew up with ten people named Buccholz in my school so I just keep thinking it's double-c and not double-h." But even if these people just can't get it into their heads for whatever reason, why not just have all the players' names at the ready, already spelled out, so you can just copy and paste? In the above case, maybe it's strictly the headline-writer's fault. But couldn't that person have just looked at the article, grabbed the name and stuck it in the headline?

SoSH has an auto-correct that changes misspellings of Buchholz's name to "I Am An Idiot".

(The blame for your example clearly lies with the headline writer and not the writer of the article - unless it was misspelled in there too.)
Spelled right in article. But it's great that the wrong spelling in the headline leads to it being wrong in the url, on the top of the browser, on the tab, in the related stories, in the Google search....
Mom here: the buck stops with the proof reader who is supposed to check every proper name.
Do newspapers still employ proofreaders?
A journalist worth his/her salt will not do an article without a guarantee that it's proofed. (I've never seen a misspelling in The NY Times.) The greater problem is that copy-editing usually doesn't get the writer's okay. I reviewed a book about a kid whose pride and joy was his starter jacket--I think the team was the Cleveland Browns. The copy-editor never heard of the term "starter jacket" and asked around as to what it meant. Based on what people told him, he changed it to "sports jacket." The review appeared in The New York Times Book Review.

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