Saturday, February 01, 2014


I'm pissed some more. The other day I saw a press release on that said "trophies to visit Maine this weekend." I took this to mean that as the trophies go around New England and beyond, the "releases" section would give us advanced notice. Then today on an ad that popped up in a sent e-mail, I see an article about how fans from far and wide gathered today in Providence (where I live) to see the trophies. Double-you tee fuck?? No release about it.

I have seen the trophies, and I worked all day anyway, but I'm still allowed to be pissed on principle. (Let me guess, all the people on facebook knew about this because they follow the team just to be like their fake friends, while real fans like me who actively seek out the info at the team's official site miss out.)

The trophies are going to be at McCoy Stadium at some point. Not sure of the exact date, sorry.
Mom here:
The trophies were in Hartford and even cousin Patty didn't know about it.

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