Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Noive

The writer of this article really "gets" Nirvana. I should point people to this when they ask me why I was such a big fan. (Assuming I decide to point them to words on a page instead of actual music which I'd likely do first.)

There's also a great comment at the bottom, by someone named Seth.
Will have to print that out and read it (cuz I'm old). ... Seth confuses me. First he says he "came of age right after punk died the first time". Putting aside the extremely elastic definition of "punk", I'd personally say that was 1979 or 1980. Then, later on, he calls Cobain "a seminal figure at my musical coming-of-age moment" - which would be at least 10 years later. ??
Great article! I am also a big Nirvana fan. I have many bootleg/radio recordings/stuff like that if you are interested. Also, great comment from someone named Seth.

However, in the spirit of using the correct logo....(I actually thought long ago that no one could be more persnickety than me about what most people routinely ignore-your very entertaining blog has made me think otherwise) I would like to point out that the Grammy Award nominated song "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was not written by Aerosmith, it was written by Diane Warren. Just sayin'.

Kim (Dewey & Co.)

oh...and we are very excited about the prizes!
"Gets" in a social context? Sure. But that falls away like old newsprint. A zeitgeist might put something into historical context, but there's a reason people don't listen to Iron Butterfly the way they used to.

I just like the music. I couldn't care any less about Cobain's political or social beliefs. It's why I can make a mix CD where "Rape Me" segues into "Rocket Queen."
Allan--that is worded in a weird way, but I think he's trying to say that in the past he put people on pedestals who were seminal figures at his musical coming-of-age." By saying Cobain ISN'T one of those, he makes it sound like he is. The way he worded it.

Kim--I really hope you saw my recent video about my Nirvana bootleg cds. I have many more on tape. We should trade! Assuming I have a tape deck that works, and that they still sell blank tapes..... About Aerosmith: Ha! That's funny because it kinda makes them sound even worse, like, when doing schmaltzy soundtrack songs, they don't even write them themselves! But good call.

Liam: First of all, it would have been funny if you had used "Very Ape" as your Nirvana song example, because in it, Kurt sings "I'm too busy actin' like I'm not naive..." whereas in Rocket Queen, Axl sings "I might be a little young but honey I ain't naive." Anyway, as a huge Nirvana fan who has actually had Rocket Queen (and My Michele) in my head for a week, I totally agree that in the end if you like a song, that's all that matters. But there's no denying that Nirvana "breaking" was a big deal, music- and culture-wise. And maybe it's different for people who happened to be "coming of age" right at the same time of that shift, like me, whereas if you already knew what the hell was going on in life, or were still too young to decipher any of the lyrics or know what any of these bands were "about," that "other stuff" may not have mattered as much. That's my short response, I guess. I feel like the Nirvana "thing" has a lot of "legs" in society, helped* by all the talk about them as anniversaries keep going by. Kids are always gonna discover that band as the decades go on, I think, and the non-music part of it won't be forgotten.

*and helped by Cobain having died three years into their mainstream success, making the music be frozen in time. Kinda.

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