Saturday, February 01, 2014


There it is. If you entered by the early-bird deadline, you have 4 squares. If you didn't, you have 2. I took the 15 early birds and entered them from top-left, then did 10 nons, including myself, then repeated that over and over, reversing the order each time. Then I went to and put in 0 through 9, and kept entering until they'd all come up, putting them onto the grid left to right for the Broncos, and then a whole new set top to bottom for the Seahawks. I didn't film any of this this year because nobody watches, and the only way I could really cheat is if I knew the score of the game ahead of time anyway.

The rules, in case you have no idea what's going on but are still in this contest:

Let's say you are, hmmm, my cousin Kara, because she seems to have sprinkled some magic powder onto the grid and ended up with four of the best combos a girl could ever ask for. You find your name. You see a 0 at the top (Denver), and a 3 to the left (Seattle). So if the score is Seattle 3, Denver 0 after the first quarter, you'd win the first quarter prize. But it's all about the final digit of the score. So if it's Denver 10, Seattle 3, or Seattle 33, Denver 20, after any given quarter, you'd win that quarter's prize. Then you'd look at your other three boxes and say, Holy shit I have some good ones, e.g. 7-7, 0-0, and 9-7. Incredible.

The order of awesomeness of prizes goes: Final score, Halftime score, Third Quarter score, First Quarter score. [Key note: "Final Score" means end of game, not end of Fourth Quarter. (Only comes into play if there's overtime.)] Actual prizes will be announced soon. Or maybe later.

Notes: If you entered but I forgot to put you in, let me know. I can always give you my own boxes or the boxes of some of the many people I entered without telling them about it. But I hope I got everybody in there.

"Dad" is my dad, while "daddybc" is reader daddybcat. "RSD" = RedSoxDiehard. Casey, the Liam you see is a reader, not your son Liam, despite my earlier joke about potentially putting people's children in to fill up space.

If you can't read this weirdly made grid with small type, ask me and I'll just tell you what numbers you have.

Good luck!!!!!!! Check back here for prizes. Maybe.

We watched the video last year!!!

Dewey & Co.
Woohoo! I'm taking it this year!
D&C: Ohhh, YOU were the one....

Kara: You seem a lock for at least one prize.
The grid always adds excitement to the game, considering I have no allegiance to either team. Well, the grid and the fact that I hate the Donkies. "Eee-haw," said John Elway.
Two out of four....ain't bad!
Kim. (Dewey & Co.)
Nice job there, two different 2s with the 0.
Oh no I meant the 8-0 and the 22-0...

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