Friday, February 07, 2014

Perfect Ironing

A while ago I saw a local TV ad for a place that cleans your fire/water-damaged dwellings. I saw the word "kleenup" flash across the screen. Then I saw that the company name had the word "clean" right in the title. I figured I must have missed something, they surely were using, as Wayne Campbell called it, "cutesy short-form."

But then I saw it again. And they weren't. This company, called CleanCare, incredibly thinks "clean up" is a single word starting with a k and having two e's. There's nothing else in the ad or on their web site that suggests they purposely spell it "kleenup" knowing that's nowhere near correct. My theory is that whoever made this ad has been seeing the word "Kleenex" all his his parents "kleened" up the blood every time they dropped him on his head as a child.

Fortunately, the ad is online for you to watch. Bottom left of their home page. You'll see the square. Click it and then click the small icon within the square for fullscreen, and let the "kleenup" begin.

What do you think about the two new jerseys for 2014?
The red lettering made more sense to me anyway.

Happy Truck Day!

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