Friday, February 28, 2014

Park Place

Did you see where the new Boston mayor might put an end to the Red Sox' reign over their player parking situation outside Fenway Park?

It's funny how the reason they're able to use Van Ness Street is because Tom Yawkey worked out a deal 70 years ago...but there's no record of it! The way it is now, Van Ness is closed to cars before and during games, with pedestrian use limited to just the far sidewalk in that area. Players come in with their gigantic vehicles, and some guy fits them into a postage-stamp-sized area like puzzle pieces, with even more left out on the sidewalk along the street. In fact, if you're making your first trip to Fenway this year, I recommend getting there super early and watching this process. (You'll really be watching it peripherally, as your main concern will be seeing your favorite players in their street clothes.) Just look for the small crowd with cameras and pens by Gate D.

Of course, with this new mayor, you may have missed your chance. But I'm guessing the Red Sox write them a big fat check and keep things just the way they've always been. Then again, if it's really a fire hazard (it looks like a fire hazard) they may be forced to come up with a new plan.

In my review of a book published in 1980 about Fenway Park, there is mention of the car-parking puzzle. I have some pics relating to it. Click here. (Click there even if you don't care about the parking, because it's a great book full of awesome stuff.)


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