Monday, February 10, 2014

Not Here To Start No Trouble

This got lost in the Sooper Bowl shuffle last weekend, so I'll post it here again:

I'm pissed. I decided to go to Opening Day in Baltimore, to see the first Red Sox game of 2014. Plans were made with our Baltimore friends, days off were taken. I knew I wasn't gonna waltz into the on-sale and score front row seats at Camden Yards, but I did assume I'd have a chance to buy tickets for this event, and I had planned to get up early tomorrow and do my thing. Nope:

"Opening Day tickets are not available to the general public,"

says At least the Red Sox give the common fan a shot at Opening Day through the lottery, and even if you aren't chosen, you can get them by phone (though they do their usual vague job of telling people about it). To not allow the average fan a chance to see her team play on Opening Day, though, is a crime. I was really pissed at the Orioles because what the hell are we supposed to do now...but then I started going to other teams' sites, and I see this is a common practice. They try to lure people into buying season ticket plans with the promise of Opening Day tickets--which would be fine if it didn't mean that nobody but season ticket holders has a chance to go. This shit should be illegal! If your team doesn't let you go to your home opener, write to them or something. This has to stop.

P.S. If they do indeed give you a chance later in the winter or something, ignore this message. But if they do, they should say so.

How many season ticket holders can they have? What happens to the rest of the tix?
Exactly. The way it's worded now (at the individual game ticket page for the OD game) is that tix aren't available "at this time" so I'm hoping there comes "a time" when they are.

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