Wednesday, February 19, 2014

News From The 4t

In case you're out of NESN-land, this year's wacky contest is having players shoot a hockey puck at a net from about ten feet away. They seem to be treating it more like shuffleboard as these guys aren't hockey players.

Over/under is 3 days on the first journalist to complain about how boring spring training is while the rest of us wish we could make a living following a baseball team around and getting a month-long Florida va-goddamn-cation every year.

Video of Gomes getting the beard shaved off is here if you missed it.

I saw where Shaughnessey wrote an article "warning" about the "World Series hangover" citing bad Red Sox performances in 1968, 1976, and 1987. Man, we should just concede 2014 right now.

Meanwhile, Cafardo wrote an article saying that we should "face it": Derek Jeter is the Yankee you can't hate. 35,000 boos rain down on him every time he bats, but the apparent truth is that every single one of those comes from a person who loves Jeter. Fortunately you needed a subscription to read beyond the first line of that article. The Boston media keeps proving they truly think the players they like are the ones we like, and the ones they hate are the ones we hate. Manny Ramirez was cheered constantly, a fan favorite. The media hated him because he didn't "give them what they wanted," so they acted like he was a reviled figure. Meanwhile Jeter is booed every time but because he's good, they tell us how much we love him as we're booing him.

Then on NESN tonight, Cafardo talked about how Jeter isn't the type of guy to want to have all the attention on him, in the wake of Jeter deciding to have all the attention put on him all year long. The guy can do no wrong. I'm telling you, the day it's revealed he took PEDs, we're suddenly gonna hear about the "right way" to take PEDs.

Even Francesa seems to be realizing that Jeter just isn't that great. And I think it's because he gets to field the "do you think Bin Laden would be alive today if it weren't for Derek Jeter?" calls all day. He's even been forced to say things like "Jeter doesn't compare to Frank Robinson and Mike Schmidt and Willie Mays," because everybody's calling him the greatest to ever live and stuff. It took an "all about me"-style retirement to turn Mike Francesa into the voice of reason about Derek Jeter. Who would have thought....

Jeter's a fascinating example of the media getting caught up in their own narrative. He started off his career like DiMaggio and ended it like Dave Henderson. But no one in the press box seemed to notice. One of my fave Jeter-related quotes is that maybe he didn't win an MVP because of a bias against New York players by the media? I live out West so I'm spared WFAN, but I do know that Francesa (or maybe the Dog guy?) said Rivera was one of the ten greatest players ever. That's right. Not just a top ten pitcher (which itself if pretty laughable) but PLAYER.
Note: Mad Dog = SF Giants fan, great anti-Yankee presence on the Fan for many years.
Just checking -- That's the same Shaughnessy that assured us a year ago that the 2013 Red Sox were a last place team? Okay.

Gomes was asked if shaving off his beard was emotional & he replied It’s a friggin' beard, no one died.

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