Wednesday, February 26, 2014


What a catch today by ol' pal Josh Reddick. It's my favorite kind, the kind where you climb a wall to rob a dong. In his case, he did the climbing without even looking at the ball. Then he finds it, throws the glove up, and there's your catch of all Februaries. Rumor has it he robbed the same hitter of another homer in the same game.

A note on the video quality: So I guess this is like super-duper HD-rific style or whatever. And it's really clear and un-Internetty, but there's something off about it. To me it has a "this is a fake video because baseball doesn't look like that" look. But maybe I just need to get used to it. ? I know I have one reader who is probably pretty pissed about this too. Maybe I shouldn't get him started....

And yeah, post title done on purpose.


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