Sunday, February 16, 2014

How Did Nobody Win This Jackpot?

Powerball was up over 300 million last night, and nobody won. I looked at the numbers, and was surprised to see that the highest one was 23! Granted, quick-picks probably make up a vast majority of tickets, but of the people who choose their own numbers, the most common numbers chosen are important dates. Meaning if there's a number over 31 (it goes up to 59), date people don't win the jackpot. Uniform numbers are big too, and in baseball, low numbers are more common, and star players commonly have really low ones. So last night, you had 2, 9, 14, 21, 23, with a Powerball of 3. Right off the top of my head, that's Remy, Ted, Rice, Clemens*, Oil Can, with a Pokey Powerball, or Jeter, Maris, Piniella, O'Neill, Mattingly, and a Babe Ruth Powerball. But forget about that, you'd think somebody has family members with those birthdays. There are three sub-13 numbers in there for month numbers. If you have three kids who were born on 2/14, 9/21, and 3/23, you had a legit shot of leaving them 100 million dollars each so that they can all get out of their respective texting-while-driving-manslaughter lawsuits that happened because you were too busy playing Powerball to teach them not to be selfish assholes.

You also had 2 and 14 in there on the drawing closest to Valentine's Day. And I see that there were only 8 people who matched the first five numbers. I think if everybody was forced to pick their own numbers, multiple people would have shared the jackpot.

So it goes up over 400 million for Wednesday. Now all the date people are probably pissed that six sub-32 numbers popped and therefore (not really) that isn't likely to happen again in the next drawing.

*Why would you play that dick's number?


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