Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gouge Their Calm Eyes Out

Buying tickets in order to sell them for above face value goes against everything I stand for.

But letting Yankee fans get tickets to a not-even-definite "Jeter's last game" at face value when they're dumb enough to pay five times that trumps everything.

So we here at RSFPT are endorsing the use of price-gouging on Yankee fans. Buy your tickets and then use them to steal their money. Bonus: when Jeter's long since gone home for the winter and they're stuck with tickets to a meaningless game, they'll be selling them for under face value--you buy them back, enjoy the last regular season home game, and use the profit you made to buy playoff tickets.

The best part is that the Yankees are home just before finishing the season in Boston. You know there's no way Jeter will play in those last three games in Fenway.

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