Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Choose The Form Of The Destructor

Choose and perish! Okay, it's time for you winners to pick your prizes. Deane will pick first. Once he picks, Dewey & Co. will pick from the remaining prizes, then Gumby who is actually Jim, then Dewey again. Here are the NINE potential prizes:

Autographed cards (choose ONE, tough guy) of:

1. Rick Burleson
2. Carl Erskine
3. Diego Segui
4. Bob Stanley
5. Rich Gedman
6. Bobby Doerr

7. Two (2) packs of 1990 Score Series 2 Football. (I hear the Montana card is worth nearly a dollar.) (Note: Trip to Super Bowl 25 no longer valid, if won.)

8. 1980 San Diego Padres Yearbook
9. 1973 Boston Red Sox 2nd Edition Scorebook & Magazine (scorecard inside was used, but oddly for some type of "legends vs. today's stars" fantasy game. They tied, 18-18.

Deane-o, you're on the clock.

And I'd just like to say that yesterday's snowfall was as beautiful as it was slushy:


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