Thursday, February 13, 2014

At Least Shirley Didn't Announce It First

Shirley Temple dies, and that night, the supermarket is out of grenadine. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, much like how the Southeast is getting hit with an ice storm days after barely surviving another, the world has to go through another goddamn year-long "it's all about me" bullshit Yankee retirement celebration. Hopefully this one ends with a Red Sox championship, too.

Re Captain Intangibles: I fear for your sanity this summer.
Hopefully he plays so little due to injuries that we don't end up hearing about him much.
Pujols compares him to Jesus: "On and off the field, he's the way you want your kids to grow up. Only Jesus is perfect, but he's pretty close to that guy."

oh dear lord
Mom here:
I remember reading in the scriptures how Jesus always gave his one-night stands gift baskets worth 250 denaris. So Pujols point would have been well-taken except that Cheter, unlike Jesus, will not kick it up a notch if he invites the floozy to stay another night. She gets a duplicate basket. Jesus had more class.
Isn't it in the book of Luke where it says, "And verily he spoke unto the gathered multitudes: What are your hopes? What are your dreams?"

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