Thursday, January 02, 2014

RiDQlous Blizzard

Was debating in head whether or not to bother putting recycling out in the blizzard. Then saw the wind chill was negative 13 here in Providence. So eff that.

In non-sequitur news, I've noticed a lot of radio and newspaper types have been talking about how bad it's been lately for "the New York sports fan." But that's wrong. If every team is doing poorly, that means every* fan of any given New York team is sad about their own team, but happy about their city rival being shitty.

*Except for those few phonies who "root for the city," which makes about as much sense as saying you root for all northeast teams, or all teams from the United States, or all the teams on earth. "Mexico City Blue Horns win the HCXL title? Another victory for my home (planet) team! I rule...."

Wouldn't any fan of a lousy NY team have moved onto being a fan of another winning team? So, they'd be in good shape.

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