Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's On

Yanks spend $155 million on a grab bag. I'm excited for this. They just keep digging that hole, and in this case it's even better since all they're getting for it is a completely unproven dude. This could be fun.

And it also works out in that this guy was obviously meant to be a Yankee--he could have gone anywhere but his only priority was getting the most money. Of course he'll probably come out and say he always dreamed of wearing pinstripes but we all know that's bullshit.

So their rotation is:

Uh...they keep acting like Nova is this guarantee but I'm not buying that yet.
And..Pettitte retired right?

So that's one guy who used to be good but lost his fastball, one guy who's never pitched in the majors, one guy who's good but getting old fast, one guy who's young and hasn't proven shit, and then nobody. I think we're good.

More good news is that we probably don't have to see Arroyo with a non-interlocking arachnid on his chest.

Don't for get Pineda, who because of injuries has not pitched in the majors for two full seasons!

Tanaka might get them out of the cellar into 4th. Good times!!!
Oh yeah, that guy. It's weird they have Phelps ahead of him on the depth chart as #5.

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