Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gordito Burravo

From the Providence News, 4/10/1893. Got me curious about Lincoln Field, and I see it's still a green space at Brown University and it even retains the name. I found one picture of a game being played there. I started trying to figure out exactly how the field was situated but I'm not having much luck. Will have to do more research. Or, do some yourself and get back to me. Especially if you're Ryan.

From other newspaper ads I see that Brown played games on this field against the "Boston League Team," who we know today as the Atlanta Braves. So yes, the Atlanta Braves played kinda near Gordito Burrito.

Hm, I don't know where it might be, but I do know that there are some cool maps of PVD from 1908 here:
Maybe it's in one of those...
Wait, I just realized where it is—because I've been there a ton of times! It's now the site of a building called the "Lincoln Field Building" which houses the planetary sciences department! Right on what is essentially the main quadrangle of campus.

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