Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun With Reliving Stuff

I was just thinking today of how that Papi grand slam (with the cop and the legs) was possibly my all-time favorite Fenway moment that I witnessed in person. Here's the aftermath once again:

A few other things: Remy will return to the booth. Which is his call, of course, as long as NESN wants him. I just think that if anybody out there happens to be the type of person who sends cookies or flowers or prayers to people going through tough times, first of all, nice job by you, and second of all, should you do that for the Remys, I hope you do the same or more for the family of the woman who was murdered.

I see S. Colbert has adopted the Superb Owl phrase. Beat ya by three weeks, Colbert writers! If you stole it, just send Red Sox tickets as payment. Box seats. Note: I see now that I wasn't the first to come up with this term. Still, I'll just assume they stole it from me specifically.

Still time to get into my Super Contest! Might as well get in--it's free, you don't even have to watch the game, and the top prize could be tens of millions of dollars. Or gallons of honey. Or live human babies who may grow up to be president, making you First Mom or First Dad. You really have no idea yet, so you might as well hop on board. Comment here or e-mail me or something.

I'm in, whatever that means -;)
Mom here:
Rose is in.
John is in.
(They're my neighbors.)
Why ask for box seats instead of Section 36?

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