Friday, January 17, 2014

From The Providence Gazette And Country Journal, 1/15/1785

The want-ads were pretty fketchy back then....

Want ad, or personal ad?
I guess a little of both.....
Just one good breaft?

Depending on how you read it, she may be asking for another breaft.
Mom here: Uh... excuse me, but that was one of the most moving ads I've ever read. The woman lost her baby, and is hoping to be able to nurture another baby with her supply of breast milk that is going to waste. Not unlike an organ transplant. Today, she would have been on Oprah. When I was breast-feeding Baby #1, your sister, I joined La Leche League. About six of us met once a week at each other's homes, and sat around chatting and feeding babies and giving tips, like: what to do if the baby only likes one side. We were contacted by Yale-New Haven Hospital looking for volunteers to donate breast milk for seriously ill preemies. So we agreed and had a coach come to teach us how to express milk into these little beer bottles. (No breast pumps around in those days.) Then a guy came around once a week to collect them. (You'd freeze the milk each day.) The day the coach came, the get-together was at our house, so we're in the family room, practicing, and it was like we all got the hang of it at once. I'm sure you can easily imagine a group of women, each squishing a breast, and streams of milk missing the bottles and hitting the walls, the tv, etc. So we had a little office off the family room, and Dad came out in the middle of the session, and then ran the hell out of there. (La Leche encouraged its members to drink an imported beer every day to keep up milk supply. Something about the natural yeast in imported beer instead of fake chemical yeast in American brewed beer. The night of our coaching session, we had all had, actually, a couple of bottles of beer. We were plastered which was the reason for our exuberance, and our babies slept like rocks that night. So very interesting that you and your sister grew up to be tea-totallers. Hmmm.....

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