Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Nation Problems

So the sale went fine, as usual I got through around 10:03 and had the pick of the litter, but with little time/money, I knew I was gonna have to limit myself. Just got a cheapie to a Cubs game. But here's what stinx: Just before 10:00, I wanted to check to make sure I wasn't getting a game that was already in my 10th Human plan. Which usually means going back to an e-mail I'd written to my mom from when we'd divided up the games. I have to do this because ever since about 2005, they haven't had the games in 10/20 packs anywhere easily locate-able on the site. But I figured I'd check the new-and-seemingly-intended-to-be-improved "season tickets" section of And I saw a thing about how STHs had a pre-sale the night before! Which they never notified me about! The last time I'd been to the Season Tickets page, it was not working, just sent me to some error page, but it seemed like they had something in the works. So I only ever found it by accident anyway, since they didn't notify me of it in the first place. So, to sum up, they added a pre-sale to an area nobody knows about and didn't tell said nobodies about it. So how were we supposed to know about this pre-sale? Maybe this is one of those things I don't qualify for as a lesser season-ticket holder....

Anyway I can't be too pissed since it didn't cost me much except maybe for that Cubs game I'd be in a dead-center upper bleacher seat instead of an under-the-scoreboard one.

They also, apparently, had a presale for people who "like" the Sox on facebook.
There were actually all kinds of presales. I missed mine, which I think was a "Hey, you've spent a ton of money here, have a surprise presale!" kind of thing. (Email sent at 1:00p, sale from 3:00p to 5:00p, I saw it at 10:00p.) But then the next day there was a Facebook presale. Page to page transitions in the regular sale seemed a bit slow, but all good in the end.

Given how many minor league games I go to, I actually make a spreadsheet before the sale to make sure I don't buy Sox tickets when I'm planning to be in Portland or Pawtucket or Manchester or Wilmington or...

I believe I deserve the "you've spent a ton of money here" pre-sale too :(
Wow, I responded to Sec 36 earlier but the comment completely disappeared. Some shittiness with Blogger lately. Anyway I was saying how I hate the "like/sub/follow" in order to get stuff horseshit. I think that should be illegal.
I remember someone from the Globe (Pete Abe maybe?) saying they didn't understand reporters using twitter or facebook. Why would the Globe want me going to twitter to get my news from the Globe, instead of going to the Globe? Same sort of thing with the Facebook presale. You think the Sox would encourage you to go to their website, as opposed to someone else's. Unless they don't really care about who gets the tickets, and are bribing people to allow them to insert themselves into everyday life.

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