Thursday, January 30, 2014

Embargo: Over

I actually forgot this thing was on Y-Tube. Movie I made years ago, about Brian eating pizza for the first time in six months while our band was on tour in Seattle in 2001. I wonder if the quality would improve if I re-upload it. It's crystal clear in its original format, but looks almost like VHS now. So give it a try--at least wait till it gets to the fun surprise at the 3:00 mark.

Last chance to get into the Soupy Bowl contest. Friday at 11:59 p.m. will be the deceased line. Then I'll put the grid up so you'll know your numbers. If you're not in yet, let me know that you want said in. It's free. Also, I see now it's gonna be almost 50 degrees on Super Sunday. And you hear people say "they dodged a bullet," which still confuses me, since if you decide to have a cold-weather game, I'd assume you'd want cold weather. I think the bullet is hitting the NFL right in the heart. Terrible job, weather.


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