Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yard Sale

I finally just directly tweeted the Red Sox asking about he Yard Sale. Here's what I found out:

It's today, for RSN and STHs.

Well I'm both, and I heard nothing about it.

They say they sent an e-mail out.

I never got it.

They say it's at 1:30 at Gate B and if you're in one of those groups, just say you are and that you didn't get an e-mail. basically, it's another free-for-all, where free-for-all equals anyone can come as long as they somehow figured out a way to find out when this secretive-for-some-reason sale is going on.

I work at exactly 1:30 today. Until 8:00. So I'm out--we'll see if it happens tomorrow too. But you can be in! If you just SAY you're a season ticket holder or a Red Sox Nation member. In fact, I'd guess if you get there at TWELVE thirty it will already be up and running! Who knows... The only reason I can think of why this is so hush-hush every year is maybe they don't want the memorabilia reseller types to go and get all the good stuff and ebay it within minutes.

Did you end up getting anything? I never got a STH email about that either.
Jere: I never got an email about the Yard Sale either. It seemed even more "unnecessarily secretive" than in the past... I did make the trip and get in though, nothing exciting. Most of the same jerseys and bats from last year, etc. Only a few current players appearing to talk: Breslow, Drake Britton, & Lavarnway. Weird that they do this big bash and no star players show up anymore... Other teams have the whole roster at these fanfest/sale/ticket events. Minimally, I expected to see Pierzynski...

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