Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Post That Sounds Like Bragging But I Swear I'm Just Giving Info

Not to say that I'm not psuper-psyched to be going to Opening Day!!!!!!!!!!!! aka the day they hand out the rings.

Here's how it went down: I popped my head out of the Virtual Waiting Room around 10:02. Was surprised at that. Oddly, though, when it sent me to the page for the Ring In Opening Day Pack, it had a message that it was not on sale yet. After reloading a few times and getting the same message, I tried one of the less-desirable pax. And the prices were up. Uh-oh...did this mean they had sold out of all the Opening Day Pax in two minutes? I went back to the Opening Day Pack page and was still getting the "not on sale yet" message. As long as I saw the word "yet," I had hope. Maybe they were holding back the good Pax for a few minutes. Maybe they wanted to make sure the people at Christmas at Fenway got theirs before opening the online floodgates. I wasn't gonna give up.

Somewhere around 10:09, I hit reload and boom went the dynamite. Prices up, bleachers available. In.

And in what becomes less exciting news in a ring-ceremony-witnessing year, commenting person Philip Pane let me know that the Yard Sale will be happening. That's all I know. I work today/tonight, though, so if it starts now I can't get there till day 2. But I think I'll be shoveling the driveway on day 2. If I miss a Yard Sale, oh well, I've got no money to spend there anyway. The only reason me, mom, and Charlie are going to Opening Day is because they were kind enough to provide the necessary funds to buy FOUR games to get one. Thanks guys! Ring ceremony!!!!!

Here's something interesting: I went back in to see if any OD pax were left at this point since I have a friend who wants to go. When I tried to click the number of tickets, it gave me:

"Your current waiting room credential has already been used to purchase tickets. Please open a new browser session and try again. You will be assigned a new credential to purchase tickets again."

I know I haven't seen that in past years when I was buying more tix and would end up going right back in to get more. So that's a good security thing. I always tip my hat to the other side in war. But in this case it doesn't matter too much since you can start a new browser, go in, and not even have to wait in the VWR at all.
Jere, I bought a Ring pack, too. Did you get a confirmation e-mail yet?
Yeah it came right away.
Bleachers, eh? Section 36??
YES! No lie...
Great job!

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