Sunday, December 01, 2013


Tickets on sale now for Red Sox games in New York, Pittsburgh, and Anaheim. For that early-season Yanks series you have to have MasterCard. The Pirates series is mid-week in September--that's a really nice park. And we're in LA on an August weekend.

As for Fenway tickets, I'm still waiting on Xmas at Fenway news. I gotta figure they do a release on Monday about it. And I also haven't heard anything about renewing my 10-game plan. I feel like last year the early-bird pricing deadline was around December 1st. I got the e-mail about it on November 5th, 2012. Maybe since the season went a month longer, they're running a month behind or something.

There is a new STh section on the web site, but it asks you for an activation code which nobody has sent me yet. So maybe that'll be a new thing.


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