Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Piece Of Shit Signs With The Pieces Of Shit Because They Have The Most Money

I hope Ellsbury does puts one of those full-page thank-yous in the paper. My ass isn't going to wipe itself.

Once a player hires Boros, his middle name is automatically legally changed to "Pus-Bag" and you can count down the bad news in 3... 2... 1....
Well said, Jere. Now I have to go and clean up all the broken dishes in my kitchen. Although, on a lighter note, my ever optimistic, sunny, wakes-up-with-a-bluebird-on-his-shoulder 10 year old said "It's ok. We still have Pedroia and Big Papi" and went off to play early morning basketball. Sometimes I wonder if he is really my kid. On the other hand, I haven't even told the 9 year old about Salty yet. He is going to be pissed (he went as him for Halloween, and got so many cheers and pats on the back you would have thought he was the actual player. It was awesome). So I guess now we wait for whatever fresh hell tomorrow brings.....
Kim (Dewey & Co.)
Mom here. I am less depressed what with so many people in my boat, the likes of El Cerdo, Dewey and Co., and too, Charlie, who is fantasizing as to what he will be shouting when he first witnesses Ellsbury entering Fenway. My sweet doggie, Salty, makes me think that one day the ball player who gave his name to him will be back in Boston playing for what will always be his team. Equally ridiculous, I had hoped John Farrel would stick Salty into the last inning of Game Six so that Koji could have jumped into his arms instead of Ross's. Of course, by then, Salty was already gone, silly me. I was furious when the Demon went to the Yankees, but Ellsbury... Again, less depressed in this particular boat.
Dr. Joyce Brothers said that we suffer with our team in the same way we suffer over the loss of a loved one, but unlike the latter, we bounce back really fast. So I'm looking forward to the bounce-back helped by tonight's lighting of the Rockefeller Tree immediately followed by Adam Sandler singing who's a Jew and who's not in his over-the-top-perfection Hanukkah song. ps. I read the first 5 words of this post and knew there would be trouble when I recognized a typo, so utterly out of character for Jere.
And moving right along (Mom still here), I am going to believe in Mr. Excitement, and that next year he will run faster, hit harder and play the field better than any Yankee.
Yeah I was gonna say "does that thing where you put a full-page ad...." but then realized I could say it in less words. So I deleted what I'd started to write...except for one word. Whoops.
I kind of like it the way you put it in-gave a little hillbilly twang, at least the way I read it. Although, I may have spent too many years in the south.
Kim (Dewey & Co)

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