Saturday, December 07, 2013

Napoli Returns; Beltran A Yank

Mike Napoli has decided to stay in Boston, "leaving money on the table" according to Gordon Edes. Which means that age-old opinion--that literally no person would ever accept less money to do anything ever--continues to be proven false.

Carlos Beltran, the great postseason player, has decided to skip October in 2014 by signing with the Yankees. Did anyone tell the Yanks that this man can't pitch? I saw a Fox Sports article that began, "The Yankees will be fine without Cano and Granderson." This implies they were fine with them, and implies their offense has improved. Pinstriped glasses, I guess.

Funny, after the Cano thing, I left the FAN with Benigno saying "don't talk about Granderson possibly going to the Mets" because he didn't want to be teased only to be disappointed. I came inside, blogged about Cano, then got back in the car 15 minutes later to hear Francesa saying how the Mets did the right thing. It had already happened: The Mets got the Grandy Adult Male Human. Another thing to make Yankee fans cringe. Perfect.

Now back to the wild world of Mike Francesa:

He seems to be living in a world where Cano is laughingly better than Pedroia*, Ellsbury is injury prone**, and Gardner is as good as Ellsbury. Steaming dump Evan Roberts is the same way about the first two, but I'm pretty sure even he knows Gardner is the baseball equivalent of himself: one who is not nearly as good as his colleagues.

Footnotes to come in a later post! Or make your own!

* As has been demonstrated time and again, it just ain't true. If anyone mentions just ONCE more how Cano's casual flat-footed sidearm flip is the cat's ass, I'm going to scream. And then I'm going to refer the fool to the video of Jonny Gomes scoring from second on an infield hit on Opening Day 2013, when Cano's casual flat-footed sidearm awesomeness just somehow - because the universe must have briefly violated its own laws of Ubiquitous Yankee Justice - just SOMEHOW didn't work out right.
** Let's hope so.

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