Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Girl Still Going Strong

Wow, the husband and wife team are even being interviewed by Yahoo now.

And in the story, of course they have left out the key detail that I, Jere, aka LetsGetRamblin on reddit, was the one who turned it into a meme which then went viral. Be assured I left a comment there saying as much.

If you missed it, here's my original reddit post from late Monday night, which includes all the proof that this was the original meme-version of the picture, complete with the husband of 60 Y.O.G. responding to me directly and people talking about how they were witnessing the birth of a meme.

[Update: I was able to go back to Meme Generator and edit MY creation! So now the whole story is right there with the image. Of course, it's up on other meme-generating sites, but I used MG that fateful night.]


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