Friday, December 06, 2013

Cano News Is...

Was just in the car, had the FAN on, and heard the glorious news: Cano to sign with Mariners. They even brought in Heyman who confirmed it. Got home, fired up the ol' computing machine, and there's nothing about it, as all the news sources are still showing the earlier news about the Mariner talks hitting a snag.

Now I see over on, we have this. So I guess it's official. Rich, genius Yankees unable to sign the top free agent who they already had. The only thing better than this will be if Robbie decides to hustle next year!

Makes Yunkee's acquisition of Ellsbury less painful as now both the Sox and Yunks are weakened with their losses.
Yup, we the world champs are a little weaker, and they the tied-for-thirds are weaker, works for me! Maybe they can make a run at the cellar in '14.
Overpay for Ellsbury, then lowball Cano (a better player), and continue to ignore the need for pitching. Good work, MFY!

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