Friday, December 13, 2013

Baubles, Bangles, And Bs

Some promotions are up on the schedule now--just the fan photo days, and...the bobbleheads. I was correct in my assumption that there'd be an Ortiz bobblehead game. That'll be Monday, April 7th. And the Pedroia one will be Wednesday, April 30th. They'll be given to all fans in attendance.

I know they need to do extra to hype those April weekday game sometimes, but I don't know about this bobblehead thing. But I guess people love 'em. I don't see the appeal. But I'm sure 99.999% of people don't see the appeal in all the stuff I like. Still, this better not lead to Aamco Mobile Gas Can Flashlight Decal Night Presented By Free Credit Report Dot Com.

Went to the Sox game in Colorado the night they gave away Helton bobbleheads for his retirement. They were going for $100 on ebay before the game was over (not nearly so much now). I saved mine and will probably try to sell it when he goes into the HoF. I call that appeal.
I'm trying to decide what I think of the bobbleheads. Obviously, the Sox have had giveaways before. I've gotten the magnet schedules, and calendars, and straw cups, etc. But, as you mentioned before, those weren't promoted all that much. Somehow that makes it better. It's not a way to draw in fans, it's just a perk. But, why do I care if they draw fans with a bobblehead? Unless they get to the point where collectors are buying up 50% of the seats, grabbing the giveaways, and heading for the exits. If someone wants to go to a Tuesday game because of a bobblehead as opposed to a Wednesday night without one, I think I need to let that be OK.
dbc: Well yeah, they end up worth money, but I don't see the reason why people like them in general. Or would go to a game just to get one. Besides the value. And couldn't I buy an Ortiz bobblehead right now? I guess these are limited editions they give out...?

36: Guess so. I just don't want it to turn into YS.

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